Birth Consulting
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Birth Consulting

For expecting parents who are interested in exploring their options but not yet ready to hire a doula, midwife, obstetrician or other care provider, a consultation with me will help you:

-get clear on your options for prenatal care, labor & birth support

-policies and laws in your local area that may restrict your birthing freedom

-types of care providers available and referrals

-understand what a doula does, what the midwifery scope of practice entails, understand the difference between homebirth, birth center birth, hospital-based birth center birth and hospital birth

Postpartum Consulting

For new parents who are needing their questions answered NOW, a consultation will:

-Debrief your birth story, demystify what happened, get resources to health professionals who can help you with healing as needed

-connect you with the appropriate resources for whatever challenges you are facing with new parenthood- breastfeeding difficulties, lack of sleep, sexual dysfunction, pelvic floor dysfunction- I've got a connection to the person for you!

-Create a plan to create more ease and spaciousness into your new life as parents


A doula is a woman who guides another through pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum by providing comprehensive and holistic support. I believe that creating a deep trusting relationship between doula and partners is profoundly important to the birth experience and postpartum. I believe that birth is a spiritual experience and rite of passage, that women have the right to birth however they choose and have bodily autonomy. I believe that birth is inherently safe, and when everyone in the room is in trust of the woman's body, the process unfolds with grace. A doula is not a medical provider and their support is limited in scope to providing non-biased information, physical support like massage, rebozo, nutrition, hydration, acupressure and emotional support for both birthing partners. I believe that every pregnant woman who wants the unwavering, unbiased and unconditional nurturing that a doula offers while they are pregnant, should have one.

My doula package includes:

-Free consultation

-3-5 prenatal coaching sessions to prepare your body, mind and spirit for your birth and postpartum

-Continuous labor support from the time you feel like you need me up to 2 hours postpartum

-1 postpartum visit to address feeding, infant care, postpartum recovery, emotional state, birth experience and any questions or needs you have

-Integrated Health coaching in prenatal appointments with nutritional, herbal and lifestyle recommendations for optimal health during pregnancy and recovery *for additional support see my coaching services.

-Labor massage, postpartum acupressure foot massage and lots of hands on love! I am a trained massage therapist.

-Ongoing text and email support

-Prenatal Yoga sessions and/or rehabilitative exercise for birth preparation, postpartum healing and pelvic floor and core restoration.

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Birth Doula

Birth doula for Santa Cruz community- consultation required before hire-

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"I started this process not entirely sure what a Doula was or if we even needed this service. After the birth of our baby girl I have no doubt as to the importance of having a birth plan and being on the same page with your partner to having an advocate see your birth plan carried out by hospital staff. Ashley did all of this with professionalism and worked seamlessly with the Dr's and Nurses who appreciated, respected her presence.
The birth was challenging to say the least but Ashley's calm energy helped guide us to the conclusion both my partner and I had wanted a natural birth. Ashley loves her work and it shows wouldn't hesitate to recommend to my friends and family, 5 stars"- Ty, new father to Arrow
"Ashley and the people she works with are amazing!!! She is there to answer any questions you have throughout the whole pregnany and empowers you to make your own informed decisions. I had a completely unmedicated birth at a hospital without any interventions whatsoever. I don't think I would've been able to do this without Ashley by my side the whole time. She helped me center myself when no one else could. She stayed with me through the whole process and kept in contact with me for my post partum and baby questions. If I ever have another child I would choose her again!!"- Felicia, new mother to Kyliah
"I cannot imagine what my birth experience would have been without ashley. We had a difficult and traumatic birth, and I relied on ashley so much to get us through it. To say she was committed and present is an understatement. I completely trusted her and felt safer because she was there. 
After coming home from the hospital, ashley continued to support us. She was intuitive about what we needed, which is critical when you are so exhausted that just planning and communicating what you need is too much. She gave us referrals for additional supports and was generally just a perfect balance between professional and loving. 
Ashley is an incredible human being born to do what she does. My experience was that she was invaluable and I will absolutely hire her again if I have another baby."- Zoe, new mother to Fox
"As a single mother pregnant with my first child, I asked Ashley to be my doula not knowing what to expect or even knowing exactly what a doula could do for me. What I got out of working with Ashley is more than I could have ever asked for. Not only is she wonderfully knowledgable in the process of creating life, but her kindness and warmth made it easy to welcome a stranger into what was (for me) a very personal time in my life. She aided me throughout pregnancy not only externally, but was an open ear to talk to as well. And now I have the most wonderful birth story to share no doubt thanks to her care and expertise during the labor process. I felt fully supported and comfortable the entire time. Apart from being overly joyed with her services, Ashley's passion for birth and empowering women is stunning. Her light shines bright for what she does and in return gives the people she's working with the courage to shine just as bright."- Marjorie, new mother to Melody