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Episode #62 Sex And Pregnancy With Ashley Shakti

I loved this interview with Amy Baldwin and April Lampert from the Shameless Sex Podcast. We talked all about sex and its role in pregnancy, birth, postpartum and how all the changes affect your sex life and sense of identity as a mother and woman.


MindbodyGREEn Article- 7 Ways to be there for a friend who has just had a baby

I just had my first baby. Nothing could have prepared me for how mind altering the experience of early parenthood has been. I believe the correct word to sum it up is “fanaa” — destroyed in love. If you're pregnant, or know someone who's about to have a baby and you’re wondering how to be there for her in the most helpful and supportive way, read on….


Elephant Journal- the cost of losing yourself to boundary-less relationships

It took until my daughter’s toddler years for me to realize how important setting boundaries is. Up until about age two, I could get away with not really needing to set limits because her needs were so basic: love, comfort, breastfeeding, sunshine, playtime, diapers, and sleep…..