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Is it right for you???


If you are feeling excited, curious and expansive right now....that could be a sign that this is what you've been waiting for.

Otherwise, here is a list of reasons why you might join:

  • You experience pain, shame, aversion, disinterest and other not so pleasurable feelings or sensations around sex, pleasure, body-image, sensuality

  • You judge yourself for having any of the above feelings or sensations

  • You are a mother who feels like she has "lost" herself

  • Your relationship is suffering from lack of connection, communication and intimacy

  • You feel like something is holding you back from being who you want to be but you aren't sure what or how to resolve it

  • You have had an interest in tantra, conscious sex and sensual embodiment practices and are hungry to learn more

  • You are a woman who wants to feel FREE

  • You have a hard time experiencing pleasure, and you want to live an orgasmic life !

It is through your body that you realize you are a spark of divinity
— BKS Iyengar

What you get working with me...

We work together through 3 moon cycles. This automatically creates a container of being in the feminine state of flow and integration with nature. 

 Included in the program:

  • weekly coaching sessions (12 total) in-person or Zoom video, recorded so you can go back and listen later

  • home-play assignments & resources

  • holistic health assessment and coaching

  • A 48 hour reset retreat at a beautiful eco-retreat center in the Santa Cruz mountains


Sovereignty Coaching

WEEKLY private sessions via video chat or in person that guide you through the process of rediscovering, remembering and reclaiming your own sensual sovereignty. Often as mamas we skip right from the "maiden" part of our life directly to "mother" when we haven't quite learned to mother ourselves yet- to set protective boundaries, to take care of ourselves, and to heal our bodies and minds.  Motherhood is a threshold experience and should be treated as such- with great support, ritual and respect. Sensuality can be re-awakened, Creativity cultivated, and full sexual expression redefined, in the sweetest most joyful way. Sessions are 20-40 minutes long to TARGET and focus on exactly what you're working with, the perfect amount of time for a busy mama to fit into her day.

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ReSET Retreat

Imagine~ an entire weekend with no children to care for, no laundry, no cooking, no work, no partner, no cleaning, no responsibilities. As mothers - we need this. At least 4 times a year, give yourself the gift of a weekend away. Sleep in your own bed, alone, for a full 9 hours. Lounge by the pool in silence, reading a book and listening to nature all around you. Turn off your phone for the entire weekend- I dare you! Join me and a circle of women up on the mountain top at a beautiful eco-chic retreat center to drop in, reset and integrate all that you have taken in over the past 3 moon cycles. Offered 4x year.


Holistic Women's Wellness 

When we work with sensuality and sexuality the factors of hormones, reproductive health and lifestyle wellness come into play. When our bodies aren't optimally supported and nourished, it's hard to feel sensual and radiant. Drawing from my midwifery studies, I coach you through designing a lifestyle that creates optimal nutrition, the right herbal allies, an exercise ritual that you feel good about that will truly support you on a long term and consistent basis, and referrals to the most attuned practitioners for what your body is requiring should there be a specific issue that needs attention. Pelvic floor dysfunction is addressed and treated through breathing retraining, functional exercise, yoga asana and referral as needed. 


By Applying what you learn and embody through this personalized & holistic coaching program you will:

  • Feel alive and radiant in your body so you have energy and feel like your authentic self

  • Revive your creative passions, generate more energy for your art, music, garden, dance- whatever it is you love!

  • Relieve pain patterns in the body, alleviate pelvic floor restrictions and imbalances

  • Become ORGASMIC, or more orgasmic!

  • Feel CONFIDENT in your own skin, able to take on whatever life throws at you

  • See your relationships from a new perspective of sovereignty, owning whats yours, leaving the rest, living your life by your rules and taking full responsibility for creating what you desire.

  • Heal beliefs around shame, ancestral patterns, trauma & abuse without bypassing your emotions. 

  • Embrace a tantric way of life- full presence with every sensation and feeling that arises without judgment, full surrender, integrate body, mind and spirit.