Birth Doula Services


My definition of doula is a woman who guides another through pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum by providing comprehensive and holistic support. I believe that creating a deep trusting relationship between doula and partners is profoundly important to the birth experience and postpartum. I believe that birth is a spiritual experience and rite of passage, that women have the right to birth however they choose and have bodily autonomy. I believe that birth is inherently safe, and when everyone in the room is in trust of the woman's body, the process unfolds with grace. A doula is not a medical provider and their support is limited in scope to providing non-biased information, physical support like massage, rebozo, nutrition, hydration, acupressure and emotional support for both birthing partners. I believe that every pregnant woman who wants the unwavering, unbiased and unconditional nurturing that a doula offers while they are pregnant, should have one.

My doula package includes:

-Free consultation

-3-5 prenatal coaching sessions to prepare your body, mind and spirit for your birth and postpartum

-Continuous labor support from the time you feel like you need me up to 2 hours postpartum

-1 postpartum visit to address feeding, infant care, postpartum recovery, emotional state, birth experience and any questions or needs you have

-Health coaching as appropriate with nutritional, herbal and lifestyle recommendations for optimal health during pregnancy and recovery

-Labor massage, postpartum acupressure foot massage and lots of hands on love! I am a trained massage therapist.

-Ongoing text and email support

-3 prenatal yoga and/or postnatal yoga/rehabilitative exercise sessions for birth preparation, postpartum healing and pelvic floor and core restoration.

My fee is $1800, with 50% due at contract signing and the other 50% due at our 36 week visit.

*Additional postpartum care can be added to my contract and is billed per hour, including whichever services you are needing at the time.



Gatherings and Workshops

soon to be announced with dates/locations for Summer and Fall 2017:


Monthly New Moon Circle

Women's Self-Love and Embodiment Sensual Dance Playshop

Couples Connection Yoga Playshop

Holistic Nutrition & Herbalism for the Childbearing Year

Fertility Awareness Method & Organic Birth Control

Postpartum Core Restoration Workshop



Embodied Mamas

This is a FREE group for women who want to feel radiant, sensual and grounded in their bodies, specifically during pregnancy and a new mothers. It is easy to let the sensual and playful part of you get overshadowed by the new identity of being a mother, especially in our culture where it's not widely accepted to be a fully embodied woman who owns all parts of herself. Meet other women to go meet up and play, try out dance classes, yoga, workshops and more in the company and support of other women. 

See our facebook group here


Healing Sessions

My healing work is intuitive and customized to the woman who is receiving. While I am a trained massage therapist and have plenty of experience doing table massage, this is not solely that. There may be some hands on healing work, specifically acupressure and head/neck massage to release tension and relax deeply into the space, but every session is different. We may use the yoga practices of pranayama and meditation, or drop in deeply for some coaching around specific themes in your life you want to address. I use singing bowls, smudging and essential oils to create a truly integrative healing session. 

I have experience working with women around themes of postpartum sensuality and sexuality, new motherhood, anxiety & depression, healing ancestral patterns, trauma and PTSD, relationships, relating and communication skills, 

Because healing takes time, these sessions are available in packages of 3 at a time, to be used within 6 weeks. Within the 6 weeks you have support for integration in between sessions via e-mail or video chat as needed. Your first session is 90 minutes, subsequent sessions are one hour with space to go over in my schedule in case additional time is needed. A 15 minute consultation is required to ensure we are the right fit in working together. 

3 Session package - $300 (temporary rate until 2018)