Birth Consulting


Birth Consulting


$45/half hour

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Birth Consultations


For expecting parents who are interested in exploring their options but not yet ready to hire a doula, midwife, obstetrician or other care provider, a consultation with me will help you:

-get clear on your options for prenatal care, labor & birth support

-policies and laws in your local area that may restrict your birthing freedom

-types of care providers available and referrals

-understand what a doula does, what the midwifery scope of practice entails, understand the difference between homebirth, birth center birth, hospital-based birth center birth and hospital birth

Postpartum Consultations

For new parents who are needing their questions answered NOW, a consultation will:

-Debrief your birth story, demystify what happened, get resources to health professionals who can help you with healing as needed

-connect you with the appropriate resources for whatever challenges you are facing with new parenthood- breastfeeding difficulties, lack of sleep, sexual dysfunction, pelvic floor dysfunction- I've got a connection to the person for you!

-Create a plan to create more ease and spaciousness into your new life as parents