Birth Doula


Birth Doula


Birth doula for Santa Cruz community- consultation required before hire-

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A doula is a woman who guides another through pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum by providing comprehensive and holistic support. I believe that creating a deep trusting relationship between doula and partners is profoundly important to the birth experience and postpartum. I believe that birth is a spiritual experience and rite of passage, that women have the right to birth however they choose and have bodily autonomy. I believe that birth is inherently safe, and when everyone in the room is in trust of the woman's body, the process unfolds with grace. A doula is not a medical provider and their support is limited in scope to providing non-biased information, physical support like massage, rebozo, nutrition, hydration, acupressure and emotional support for both birthing partners. I believe that every pregnant woman who wants the unwavering, unbiased and unconditional nurturing that a doula offers while they are pregnant, should have one.

My doula package includes:

-Free consultation

-3-5 prenatal coaching sessions to prepare your body, mind and spirit for your birth and postpartum

-Continuous labor support from the time you feel like you need me up to 2 hours postpartum

-1 postpartum visit to address feeding, infant care, postpartum recovery, emotional state, birth experience and any questions or needs you have

-Integrated Health coaching in prenatal appointments with nutritional, herbal and lifestyle recommendations for optimal health during pregnancy and recovery *for additional support see my coaching services.

-Labor massage, postpartum acupressure foot massage and lots of hands on love! I am a trained massage therapist.

-Ongoing text and email support

-Prenatal Yoga sessions and/or rehabilitative exercise for birth preparation, postpartum healing and pelvic floor and core restoration.

My fee is $1800, with 50% due at contract signing and the other 50% due at our 36 week visit.