Wildflower Woman 3 month Coaching Program

Sensual Sovereignty Coachingfor mamas (1).jpg
Sensual Sovereignty Coachingfor mamas (1).jpg

Wildflower Woman 3 month Coaching Program


Sex & Sensuality Coaching

3 months of weekly 1 on 1 sessions in person or on the phone to abolish obstacles to pleasure, nurture a fulfilling sex life, fill up your cup with creative and sensual energy so you can be a radiant, happy and sovereign mama!

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What you get working with me...

We work together through 3 moon cycles. This automatically creates a container of being in the feminine state of flow and integration with nature. 

 Included in the program:

  • weekly coaching sessions (12 total) in-person or Zoom video, recorded so you can go back and listen later
  • home-play assignments & resources
  • holistic health assessment and coaching
  • A deeply nourishing and relaxing retreat in the Santa Cruz mountains