Women’s Health Consultation

60 minute session that addresses all areas of wellness- sexual, nutritional, hormonal, relational, emotional, spiritual and social. We will tap into the areas that need improvement and create a plan to shift your life into the next level of vitality. Drawing from my background in movement arts, yoga, bodywork, herbalism, nutrition and intuition, custom herbal blends may be made, private yoga and exercise sessions may be created and tailored to your body, self-care modalities may be taught- and referrals are always made if necessary to appropriate medical providers. This is an investment in your health, which is your wealth! This is not a substitution for a doctor's visit and I do not diagnose or treat any illness or disease. Packages are to be used within a 3 month period, for one season, to work together consistently, develop a relationship and see measurable change over time.

1 session $120

Package of 4 - $360

Package of 8- $640


Postpartum In-Home Consultation

This is a 2 hour in home visit for postpartum moms. I address lactation and/or newborn feeding, newborn care, postpartum care of the mother, emotional wellbeing, birth story listening and processing, nutrition and herbal support for vitality and healing and assisting you in knowing what is normal. My visits can be bought in a package as a postpartum doula or per visit. I refer out and screen for postnatal mood disorders and have a wealth of allied professionals to connect you with should you need additional support.

1 visit- $140

Postpartum Doula Package- Gold - 8 two hour visits - $800

Postpartum Doula Package-Silver - 4 two hour visits - $450

Perinatal Yoga & Exercise

I love helping women inhabit their bodies fully. It's a huge feat to open so wide to give birth, and as much attention should go into the closing and healing. Most of the time there's a 6 week postnatal checkup where you're given the green light for exercise and sex, but most of the time women don't feel the same, don't feel up to it, or are still in their healing process! As a yoga teacher and passionate pelvic floor health advocate, I taught myself how to heal and restore my core, going from a 5 finger width separation called diastasis recti to a completely functional and healed core. The core contains the diaphragm, the transverse abdominus, the rectus abdominus and the pelvic floor, as well as support from the large and thick back muscles, which creates a sphere of musculature that supports the abdominal organs. To have a properly functioning core, all of these structures need to be supple, stable and strong. Kegels are NOT the answer! Utilizing yoga asanas as well as corrective exercises, I teach small groups and individuals how to screen for imbalances and diastasis recti and how to heal and create dynamic strength and balance again. In my restorative classes and sessions we also integrate and discuss the subtle energetic aspects of healing the core, awakening sensuality and the truth about sex after giving birth, approaching fitness in a holistic and realistic way. 

package of 3 sessions, $350


Radiant Core Pelvic Floor Training- 6 class series 

Through a series of stretches and corrective exercises, this class will help you gain awareness and muscular control of your pelvic floor, while strengthening, balancing and relaxing muscular tension in the many complex supporting muscles to build a core that is strong yet resilient, so you can go about your life with confidence and ease.

A balanced, supple but strong pelvic floor & core can relieve lower back pain, incontinence, prolapse, low libido, disconnection with your sensual center, patterns of muscle tension and incorrect posture as well as increase feelings of confidence, bodily strength and endurance, the ability to take a deep, relaxing breath, and your sense of embodiment and radiance! 

These classes flow like a yoga class, weaving in exercises with traditional asanas as well as free-form unwinding feminine movement and myofascial release techniques. 

$220 for 8 weeks

Next series coming Spring 2019 TBA