Massage Therapy

One thing that birth and bodywork have in common is that they body encourage a flood of oxytocin, which gives you a sense of well-being, warm-fuzzies, and happiness. My experience with bodywork began working at a high-volume practice in conjunction with physical therapists, personal trainers, chiropractors and acupuncturists working specifically with high-performance athletes and those recovering from acute injury and living with chronic pain. My background in clinical massage and my studies in midwifery gives me a solid basis in understanding how the human body is a miraculously complex system and at the same time, remarkably simple when it is given love, patience and presence to unwind. I incorporate swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, acupressure, polarity, energy work and have a penchant for long flowing strokes that incorporate the whole body to create a sense of integration and grounding. I utilize essential oils, smudging, singing bowls and other intuitive healing tools as requested or needed.  

Perinatal Yoga & Exercise

I love helping women inhabit their bodies fully. It's a huge feat to open so wide to give birth, and as much attention should go into the closing and healing. Most of the time there's a 6 week postnatal checkup where you're given the green light for exercise and sex, but most of the time women don't feel the same, don't feel up to it, or are still in their healing process! As a yoga teacher and passionate pelvic floor health advocate, I taught myself how to heal and restore my core, going from a 5 finger width separation called diastasis recti to a completely functional and healed core. The core contains the diaphragm, the transverse abdominus, the rectus abdominus and the pelvic floor, as well as support from the large and thick back muscles, which creates a sphere of musculature that supports the abdominal organs. To have a properly functioning core, all of these structures need to be supple, stable and strong. Kegels are NOT the answer! Utilizing yoga asanas as well as corrective exercises, I teach small groups and individuals how to screen for imbalances and diastasis recti and how to heal and create dynamic strength and balance again. In my restorative classes and sessions we also integrate and discuss the subtle energetic aspects of healing the core, awakening sensuality and the truth about sex after giving birth, approaching fitness in a holistic and realistic way. 

Holistic Health Coaching

Women who want to be supported in reaching their goals of feeling embodied, radiant, healthy and alive can benefit profoundly from having a coach. A holistic approach to health regards all facets of you as fundamental to becoming truly healthy. Coaching involves diving deep to facilitate you figuring out what obstacles and beliefs might be in the way from you achieving emotional balance and happiness, mental clarity, radiant physical health and a deep connection to the divine. It is your birthright to feel radiant, loved, free and graceful in your body and mind. I work with women in commitments of 6 week increments to see change over time, starting with a free consultation to ensure we are a synergistic fit to work together.